Michelle Ashe, "And that is my desire"

September 26, 2020 Jen SluMac Season 1 Episode 19
Michelle Ashe, "And that is my desire"
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JUST SAY IT – S01 E19 - Michelle Ashe, 42 year old African American Woman

*Trigger Warning - difficult topics discussed*

JUST SAY IT podcast with host and author, Jen SluMac: Seeking Beloved Community through stories, conversations and questions. Learn more at her website.

Interview Recorded: June 16, 2020

Michelle Ashe "I am a 42 year-old African American Woman - Daughter of a beautiful, beautiful, amazing woman. From what she hears, a pretty awesome, cool father. I pride myself on keeping my commitments and living with integrity whether folks are watching or not".

She is a woman in recovery from drugs and she is currently going through treatment for Stage 3 colon cancer. She's recently learned about how childhood trauma can impact health outcomes in adulthood and would like to earn a PhD in Public Health to bring information about A.C.E.s (Adverse Childhood Experiences) to her community. She'd like to be the reason some people might avoid the challenges she's faced as a result of information.

About Jen SluMac: Jen SluMac is a hope dealer, living a life that aims to make the world beautiful and just for all. She aims to be part of the solution in a world tormented by fear and violence, separateness and isolation. Jen agrees with Mother Teresa who said, “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” Jen’s website: https://www.soulnotskin.com

Jen's debut novel, soulnotskin: becoming the me I was meant to be, was inspired by true events. As a queer woman longing for a faith community, her road has been complicated but never deterred. She found her ministry in storytelling… read full bio here

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