Kim Boardman, Educating our Youth

August 17, 2020 Jen SluMac Season 1 Episode 16
Kim Boardman, Educating our Youth
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JUST SAY IT – S01 E16 - Kim Boardman, Educating our Youth

JUST SAY IT podcast with host and author, Jen SluMac: Seeking Beloved Community through stories, conversations and questions. Learn more at her website.

Kim says: After 32 years as a middle school science teacher, I have a few thoughts, opinions and ideas about the job and how teachers and students touch each other's lives.

About Jen SluMac: Jen SluMac is a hope dealer, living a life that aims to make the world beautiful and just for all. She aims to be part of the solution in a world tormented by fear and violence, separateness and isolation. Jen agrees with Mother Teresa who said, “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”

Jen's debut novel, soulnotskin: becoming the me I was meant to be, was inspired by true events. As a queer woman longing for a faith community, her road has been complicated but never deterred. She found her ministry in storytelling… read full bio here

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